Es gibt große Neuigkeiten aus dem Bandcamp der Prog-Deather aus Griechenland Acid Death. In diesem Atemzug lasse ich die Band gleich mal selbst zu Wort kommen und erwarte gespannt das Ergebnis:

„Hello to All!
Here are some really impressive News from ACID DEATH’s camp.  …This is the biggest step in ACID DEATH’s discography! We are more than happy to announce that CORONER’s guitarist, composer and mastermind, Tommy Vetterli, will be ACID DEATH’s co-producer on band’s new album, „Primal Energies“ that is being recorded this season.
Tommy Vetterli owns the famous New Sound Studios in Zurich/Switzerland, founded in 1978, a studio that combines perfectly the usage of both analog and digital equipment. According to schedule, the album will be mixed and mastered in the summer so everything will be ready around autumn/2018.
It is a big honor for us to work alongside the man who has produced historical albums such as KREATOR’s „Endorama“ and ELUVEITIE’s „Origins“ and has also worked with bands/artists such as Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT, STONE SOUR), DEATH MECHANISM, 69 CHAMBERS, GOTTHARD and many many more!
Complete information and reference on Tommy Vetterli’s work

Thank you for your time and support! Please spread the Word.

All the best
Savvas Betinis
Dennis Kostopoulos
John Anagnostou
Kostas Alexakis


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