KOBRA AND THE LOTUS – Lyric Video zum neuen Song „Thundersmith“


Das in Calgary ansässige Hard Rock Quintett KOBRA AND THE LOTUS wird am kommenden Freitag, den 20. September, endlich das aktuelle Studioalbum „Evolution“ über Napalm Records veröffentlichen!

Nach den bisherigen Veröffentlichungen der neuen Tracks „Burn“ und „Get The F*ck Out Of Here“ hat die Band mit „Thundersmith“ einen weiteren neuen Track veröffentlicht.

Fronterin Kobra Paige über “Thundersmith”:

“We’ve laid the sauce on HARD!!! The guitar licks are groovy as ever and the beat is anthemic. I wrote my vocals about my journey in the music industry as one woman singlehandedly pushing a band. This is my way of saying I haven’t given up yet. I am what I am. I keep getting up and trying no matter what happens. I’m proud of who I am, I’m going to keep being who I am, and we all should be. If you feel me, hop on my train. Like Chris Cornell said „To be yourself is all that you can do“. Let’s live empowered, be fucking brilliant, like we we’re supposed to so we can be/do better for ourselves and everyone around us.”


01. Evodem
02. Evolution
03. Burn!
04. We Come Undone
05. Wounds
06. Thundersmith

07. Circus
08. Wash Away
09. Liar
10. Get The F*ck Out Of Here
11. In The End
12. Tokyo (Japan Version Only)

Quellenangabe: Napalm Records


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