Toxikull – Albumdetails zu „The Nightraiser“

Der portugiesische Speed Metal Act Toxikull wird am 23. März über Mosher/Firecum das neue Album „The Nightraiser“ veröffentlichen.

Fronter Lex Thunder zum Album:

„It’s an appeal to rebellion and some social criticism. Music-wise, this EP is a bit different from ‘Black Sheep’ – it’s faster, stronger and more aggressive. The influences of the music from the past are also a bit different, this one’s a more on the speed/heavy metal side.“

Aufgenommen wurde das Album in den Ultrasound Studios Moita.

„I always thought it was a killer tune, living off the spirit of rock n’ roll“

, sagte Lex.

„Unfortunately, this brilliant song never got a proper recording, so we took the chance and did it ourselves, and recorded it the way we wanted it sound“


01. Nightraiser
02. Surrender or Die
03. Hellmaster
04. Freedom to Kill
05. Satan Bloody Satan
06. Rocker (Hollywood Rose cover)

Quellenangabe: Against PR


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