Witherfall – Lyric Video zu „Shadows“ veröffentlicht


Die amerikanischen Heavy/Progressive Power Metaller Witherfall werden ihr Zweitwerk „A Prelude to Sorrow“ am 02. November via Century Media Records veröffentlichen. Als Vorgeschmack gibt es ab sofort das Lyric Video zum Song „Shadows“.

Die Band dazu:

„‘Shadows’ was the final song written for “A Prelude to Sorrow”. Joseph Michael and Jake Dreyer finished composing it at Joseph’s studio in April of 2018. ‘Shadows’ along with four other tracks from „A Prelude to Sorrow“ were set as part of a concept within a concept of the record known as the “Sagan Suite”, the five songs originally ran together. The song is about the empty lives that people lead and also a double entendre representing the remembrance of friends and family since past. ‘Shadows’ is also a metaphor; it represents the sad state of people in today’s disconnected, technologically focused and socially awkward world. When someone walks by staring at their cell phone screen without acknowledging the world around them, we call them ‘Shadows’…“


01. A Prelude to Sorrow
02. We Are Nothing
03. Moment of Silence
04. Communion of the Wicked
05. Maridian’s Visitation

06. Shadows
07. Ode to Despair
08. The Call
09. Vintage
10. Epilogue

Quellenangabe: Century Media Records


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